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SATURDAY MAY 18, 2019 10AM-12PM Registration!  This is a required meeting for all students and parents enroleld in band for 2018-2019. 




Most common Parent/Guardian questions:


How much time does band take?

Marching band is 8 hours a week, with a football game on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. In October, there is a contest every Saturday. During concert season, there are 3 practices a week for wind players and 4 days a week for percussion students.


How much does band cost?

            Fees last year averaged $500 (does not include spring trip). For this coming school year, we are planning an in-state trip that will be paid in addition to standard fees: this is an optional activity and students do not have to participate. We do not have specific numbers yet because we want to give you accurate information. We hope to present this to you in December 2019 along with a payment schedule to facilitate your finances.


Can we do sports and band?

            Yes, for THS sports only (percussion & colorguard is different). We have students who participate in football, soccer, basketball, track and baseball. We do not work around any club or independent outside activities. For Percussion students please speak with Mr. Bori personally.


Does my child have to be in marching band?

            Yes, all students enrolled in band participate in marching band. We recommended that students put the band calendar in their family calendar to make sure they have all transportation needs met to experience the most success.  Performances and practices are graded activities so absences will count against their grade.


Can we just do concert band?

            All students enrolled in band must participate in band year-round, which includes marching band. 


I want my student to have a high GPA so he/she can attend Harvard. Band takes up too much time so can we just not do after school practices or rehearsals and still be in band?

            Band does not keep your student from having a high GPA. Our students constantly graduate top of their class and have attended Ivy League schools. All students must attend after school practices and rehearsals. They are an extension of the classroom and are a grade.


What do we have to do to enroll in band?

            You will be receiving your course selection sheet very soon. You must put band as your #1 elective. Woodwinds and brass must elect Concert Band; percussion students must elect Band 1.  Keep in mind that you may do Speech and Health later on in their academic years. Many of our students wait until Junior or Senior year to take those courses. Band also fits within students’ schedules for all academy and endorsement programs.




Course Credits

Students enrolled in high school band for four years will earn the following course credits toward their graduation requirements: 2 semesters of Physical Education=1 credit (1/2 credit during the fall semesters of the freshman and sophomore years); 2 semesters of Fine Arts = 1 credit (1/2 credit during the spring semesters of the freshman, and sophomore years); and 4 semesters of Elective =2 credits (one credit for the junior year and one credit for the senior year). A total of five elective credits are needed to graduate. Here is another piece of information in regards to your PE credit. Marching rehearsals end at the conclusion of football season. In Band, you will have completed your PE credit by November; in PE class, you will not complete your credit until mid-December (the end of the first semester). We do run at all marching band practices.  



We will have a May mini-camp on May 28-31 2019, from 7AM-5PM. Please communicate with us if you cannot attend. Your consistent attendance aids us in making placements for the marching band.

ALL STUDENTS & PARENTS MUST ATTEND REGISTRATION Registration is scheduled for 10AM-12PM on Saturday May 18, 2019. This is the time that your parents will pay for program fees ($475-$675) depending on your instrument and grade classification. We encourage, and need, parents to sign-up for a volunteer time with the booster club. Please consider volunteering in some shape or form. The more parents volunteer their time, the better we are able to teach all students.


We do ask that you attend and arrive with the registration packet already filled out in order to expedite your time. Registration packets will be available on Monday April 30, 2019 on  All students must pay for program fees. Program fees are what allows the Tiger Band to maintain its high level of performance and the reason why your student will be part of a challenging and rewarding organization.


MINI CAMPS for Winds: We will assign marching instruments and music during the May mini-camp (winds only). Please make arrangements to attend registration and the mini-camp.



Percussion Practice Pad Camps: Practice pad camps will be held every Monday, beginning March 18, 2019 after Spring Break from 5:15-6:45 at the THS band hall. These pad camps aid in your student’s preparation for the June Placement camp. These dates are posted on the Charms calendar.


Summer Percussion Camps: All percussion students will meet on the following days: May 28-31, 2019 from 7:00AM-5:00PM AND July 22-25 from 7AM-5PM. Mr. Bori, and staff, will be making placement decisions on part assignments during the June camp. During the July camp, everyone will begin learning show music for the upcoming year. Clinicians will also be brought in to work with students during all of these dates. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!


An official band calendar can always be located on charms. Please plan your activities around band rehearsals and performances.


Summer Band Rehearsals

All students will need to report to the THS Band Hall for the beginning of the 2019-2020 summer marching band program on July 29, 2019. REGISTRATION (required) will be on Saturday May 18, 2019. Students that miss the practices during mini-camp, June/July Camps, AND/OR late summer band camp will begin the school year behind their peers in marching and playing abilities. Their placement most likely will be effected. The rehearsal schedule is in place to prepare the entire group to reach a high level of achievement. Time does not allow for the directors to work with individuals to make up over 100 hours’ worth of summer rehearsal. If a student starts behind in August, they will most likely not earn a marching spot in the contest marching show, and instead will march as an alternate. Please consider scheduling vacation time prior to July 23, 2019 for wind players, and not during the summer percussion camps for percussion students. The band is expected to perform at all the football games so please write these dates down on your family calendar.


Rehearsals and Performances during the School Year

(All rehearsals, sectionals, and performances are required.)


Marching Band Rehearsals during the fall: Rehearsals are held after school hours. We work to schedule most weeks to allow students to have one afternoon completely free of band activities. A tentative weekly schedule would be as follows for Friday Games:  Monday no after-school rehearsal; Tuesday 4:00-6:30/45 PM; Thursday 4:00-6:30/45PM (this usually depends on the amount of students enrolled in labs); Saturdays 9AM-Noon. The rehearsal schedule will depend on the week’s activities and game day. We will not rehearse over 8 hours of after-school practice due to UIL rules (this does not include game or contest days). This is true for all UIL sanctioned activities. Please schedule doctors and dentist appointments on days you do not have band. These after-school rehearsals end at the conclusion of football season, usually at the end of October; thus, you have completed your PE credit by November vs. mid-December (in PE class the end of the first semester).


Marching Performances: Football games, Fort Bend Band Night, UIL Performance, additional marching festivals (Typically on ALL Saturday’s in October), and pep-rallies.


Concert Season Sectionals/Rehearsals: During concert season, each wind section of the band (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc.) in each of our concert groups (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band) will have an after-school sectional for 1-1.5 hours per week. This will begin in November and continue throughout the second semester. Additionally, all winds and percussion have a two-hour after-school full band rehearsal held weekly. Wind Ensemble winds are also members of the Full Orchestra, which requires an additional practice after school from January-February.


Concert Season Percussion: Starting in November all percussion will have 2 two-hour percussion ensemble practices per week, and 1 two-hour full band rehearsal. These rehearsals/practices will continue throughout the second semester.


Concert Performances: Winter / Spring Concerts, Pre-UIL Concert, Fort Bend ISD Concert Contest, UIL Concert/Sight-Reading Contest, Percussion Ensemble Concert, end-of-the-year trip.


SUMMARY of dates:

Percussion/double reed students pad camps during school year – for details

May 18, 2019 – Registration all students 1000-1200hrs

May 28-31, 2019 – Percussion students (includes double reed students) 700-1700hrs

July 22-25, 2019 – Percussion students (includes double reed students) 700-1700hrs

July 29-August 2, 2019 – All students 700-1730hrs

August 5-8, 2019 – All students 1600-2030hrs

August 12-15, 2019 – All students 1600-2030hrs




Glossary of Terms 

Alternate:  An alternate is a student that marches at football games during the first six-weeks, but does not necessarily march at games during the second six-weeks or at competitions. They assist with the pit percussion and moving equipment on and off the field.


Area:  UIL divides the State of Texas into areas and regions for music competition. There are 7 areas in the state, each containing a number of regions. Fort Bend is presently in Region 13 which is part of TMEA Area G and UIL Marching Area E. For a complete breakdown of the regions and areas, visit the UIL website at , click on music, and then on the region/area alignment link near the bottom of the page.


Band Fees:  (Required of all members and paid at registration) camp shirt, dry balance, show t-shirt, gloves, marching shoes, awards, tailgate meals, contest, clinicians, master classes, choreographers transportation etc. It is a lot less than a club sport ranging from $275-$400 for the fall only (trips and other spring activities are not included). Guard and Percussion fee are usually higher since they have a lot of equipment and new members will have to purchase new items some veterans already own.


Band Night:  One night in October of each year, all the FBISD high school bands and middle school bands celebrate marching band. High school bands perform their marching contest show.


Band Trip: We take an end-of-the-year trip.  Every 4th year, we take a trip out of state. The next out of state trip will be in 2016-2017.


Calendar: Tentatively scheduled band events for the entire school year. This is provided so you and your parents can plan ahead.  If adjustments are needed, you will be notified. Our official calendar is the Charms calendar we use for all our database needs.  Please be familiar with Charms so you cans stay updated.


Charms:  Charms is a computer program that helps the directors manage the band program, communicate with parents,

track finances, etc.  Be sure your information is up to date in order to receive communications the directors. This is our primary form of communication.


Concert Season: The band year is divided into two seasons: Marching Season and Concert Season. Marching Season lasts from June (Mini-Camp) until the last football game. Concert Season begins in early November, with individual events such as All-Region band tryouts, and continues through the end of the school year. At the present time, we have three concert bands:  Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, and Concert.


Conference: High Schools and Middle Schools participating in UIL activities are divided into conferences according to the following school enrollment numbers: 

6A – 2,100 and up      5A – 1060-2099      4A – 456-1059        3A – 220-455         2A – 105-219          1A - 104 and below


Travis is in the 6A conference (even in 2015-2016).  There are an equal number of high schools in each classification throughout the state.


Coordinate Sheets: Pages of instructions telling students their locations on the marching field, as well as when to start and stop marching.  You will hear directors or students referring to the number of “pages” learned at a practice. The coordinate sheet will be brought to every marching band rehearsal and kept with the student at all times.


Belles: The Travis High School Dance team.


Drill Instructors:  Student leaders for each instrument group during marching and concert season. They assist and help freshman and upperclassman marchers perfect their marching style, warm-up performances, and are responsible for relaying special instructions from directors to their section.


Drum Line: The marching drummers: snare drums, tenor drums, marching bass drums, and cymbals.


Drum Major: The student leaders of the marching band. These students are extensions of the directors. They conduct the band at performances on the marching field and parades.


Travis Activity Account: An account set up to receive money for band trips and contests (region and solo/ensemble) and other items purchased from the school for band. You will make payments for trips, etc., to this account. Checks are made payable to the THS Band. 


Football Games: We all know what football is, but here are a few things you should know about the marching band at football games. Games against other Fort Bend high schools are played at Mercer Stadium or Hall Stadium. Check to see whether we are the home or visiting team.  The home team sits on the south side of the stadium and visiting team sits on the north.  Before each game, students will do a show run-through, eat tailgate, have a uniform inspection, participate in a director-lead meeting, and load the busses for the game.  For Saturday games, expect to have your child at the band hall 3 hours before the game start time.  Directors will give verbal and written details each week.  After every game, we will return to THS to put away equipment and check in uniforms to the uniform crew.  Please pick your child up in a timely manner.  Students should call you on their cell phone or a friend’s phone as busses leave the stadium.  Better yet, come to the game and watch us perform. 


Front Ensemble/Pit: Part of the marching show that is stationary on the sidelines and is front and center on the marching field:  keyboards, timpani, etc.  This group is sometimes known as the Pit.


Fundraisers: The boosters host ways to raise money for the booster club, which in turns defrays the cost of the band program.  Booster Club funds pay for the aspects of the marching show, clinicians and color guard costumes, not to mention scholarships handed out to seniors at the year’s end. The booster club provides us with food and water at football games, as well as numerous other items. 


Eligibility/Grades: Participation in marching band and extra-curricular events are subject to UIL eligibility rules. In other words, students must have passing grades in all classes in order to participate. Directors make sure that all students are aware of the eligibility requirements. If minimum requirements are not met, students will not be allowed to participate in marching performances, including football games, individual contests, UIL activities, or the end-of-the-year trip. Students will still be required to attend rehearsals. Eligibility is a state law and not subject to the discretion of teachers or administrators. Concerts, however, are co-curricular, meaning that they are an extension of the classroom learning. As such, all students are required to participate in all band concerts throughout the school year.


Hall Stadium: Located off of Hwy 6 and Hurricane Lane, next to Hightower HS.


Illness: Absences from rehearsals will be excused if the student has received an excused absence from school as outlined in the THS student handbook. DO NOT schedule a doctor appointment during rehearsals or performances.  Students missing rehearsals are in jeopardy of losing their marching spot and will be docked on their grade.


Loading Crew: Members of the band responsible for loading and unloading all the pit and large instruments from the trucks when traveling


Marching Season: The band year is divided into two seasons: Marching Season and Concert Season. Marching Season lasts from June (Mini-Camp) until the last football game. Concert Season begins in early November and continues through the end of the school year. At the present time, we have three concert bands:  Wind Ensemble, Symphonic, Concert.


Mercer Stadium:  Located on Lexington Ave. next to the FBISD administration building, east of First Colony Mall and the AMC theaters.


Region: UIL divides the State of Texas into seven areas and twenty-eight regions for music competition  Fort Bend is presently in Region 13 with other school districts south and west of Fort Bend County. Check out the UIL website: for more information.


Registration:  The THS Band will hold registration during the spring. Students pay a band fee and will later receive a performance shirt, show shirt, THS band shirt, cap, water bottle, flip folders, game meals, measure for marching shoes, measure for uniforms/gloves, etc. Band information is distributed at this time.


Rock-A-thon: A THS Band Booster Club fundraiser where students spend about 12 hours in a rocking chair…NOT.  We use to do that but it is now just a social event. We really do the following:  prior to the event, students obtain pledges in the form of $ per hours “rocked.”  The goal for every student is to raise a minimum of $25-50. This helps pay for the aspects of the marching show, color guard costumes, marching clinicians, percussion clinicians, meals as well as band incidentals that arise during the year. Students will report to the THS Gyms on a Saturday evening and are “locked-in” until midnight (tentative). The boosters sponsor events throughout the night. Games are played, videos watched, snacks eaten, etc. This is a great time to get to know your fellow band members and raise money that directly benefits you.


Section: All band members that play the same or like instruments, i.e. trumpet section, percussion section, oboe section, etc.


Section Leaders: Student leaders for each instrument group during marching and concert season. They assist and help freshman and upperclassman marchers perfect their marching style, warm-up performances, and are responsible for relaying special instructions from directors to their section.


TBA: Texas Bandmasters Association is an organization for all band directors.  Every Summer they host a workshop/convention in San Antonio where presenters from all the USA provide professional development.


TCGC: Texas Colorguard Circuit is the educational group governing our spring percussion and winterguard programs


TEA: Texas Education Agency


THSTBBC: Travis High School Tiger Band Booster Club – the official parent-volunteer support group of the Travis Tiger Band.  The website is for more information


TMEA: Texas Music Educators Association is the professional association all music educators are encouraged to join.  Every February they host a four day long professional development showcasing many educators from around the world.


UIL: University of Interscholastic League. UIL organizes and supervises marching, concert, and sight-reading, and solo/ensemble contests for public schools in Texas. UIL governs all aspects of the THS Band program from student eligibility to the number of hours we can practice.


Uniforms: Special performance clothing that is owned and maintained by Travis High School through the annual school district budget, and additional items that the student is responsible for providing.

For Marching Practice: Light-colored shirt, shorts, gym or tennis shoes, hat, large water jug with water! (no Gatorade, Power Aid, or sodas), and sunscreen (already on).  Do not wear jeans, high top sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals. Students who are not dressed properly will be sent home to change and risk losing their marching position due to absence/tardiness. Students will be asked to wear white tee shirts to rehearsals in order to help see uniformity. 

Marching Performances:  Black band performance shirt (provided upon purchase), compression shorts, uniform-pants, jacket, hat (shako), black marching shoes (provided upon purchase), and long black nylon socks. Students will be measure for black marching shoes at registration. Students will be fitted for uniforms during the summer break. Before each performance, students pick up their uniform and after each performance check it back in. Uniforms do not go home unless they are being washed. Washing instructions are available in the students uniform bag. Adjustments are made AT SCHOOL to the uniform as students are fitted. If an adjustment is needed later in the season, notify a uniform crew member. Each student is responsible for having black socks. We suggest that you buy several pair at the beginning of the season. Students are responsible for black marching shoes (sized and ordered during registration), performance shirt and gloves (see registration). 

Concert performances: Females will be fitted in a black dress, but they will need to supply black closed toe shoes. Males will be fitted in tuxedos, but they will need to supply their own black socks and dress shoes (no gym shoes), as well as a white tux shirt, black bow tie, and black cummerbund. These uniforms are expensive and they must last for another 7 years. Take care of them!


Uniform crew: Band members responsible for handing out uniforms prior to an event and placing them in storage after an event.


WGI: Winterguard International is the USA’s the professional educational body governing all colorguards and percussion ensembles.  They host events throughout the United States with one major event in Ohio known as the World Championships.


Yard Sign: Students can order signs from their yard with THS band logo and their name. The purpose is to let the community know you are a proud THS Tiger Band member.


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