eBlast July 9, 2018 

Good afternoon


Hope you have had some good time spent with your loved ones this Summer and that you have been able to create some everlasting memories.  This email contains a lot of information that is imperative to you (the guardian) and your student so please read entirely.


Our events for the 2018-2019 are marked on the charms calendar that may be accessible through the band website at www.travistigerband.org or through the charms direct link:





We ask that all appointments, vacations etc are scheduled around the band calendar.  Please do not email the staff asking when a certain event is occurring. We make every attempt to post all the necessary information months in advance and we do expect students and guardians to invest time looking at the calendar ahead.  While some events like deaths in the family are unforeseen and unavoidable, it is expected that all students inform the staff well in advance of their attendance. A STUDENT is expected to communicate with the staff and their leadership team.  We feel very strong about develop individuals who are responsible and independent and this is a small step which a student can partake to form them into a responsible independent individual functional member of society. Thank you for following protocol.  


Freshman students are expected to attend the Tiger Camp scheduled on Friday August 3, 2018.  We ask that ALL freshman students attend the afternoon session.  This will allow us to have much needed time out on the practice field as a unit and your student will not lose information important to their success in band.


Students who have not been able to pick up their school owned instrument may do so on Thursday July 12, 2018 from 4-5PM.  Some instruments like horns, are not going to be available until later this Summer do to major overhauls which occur every 6 years.  This process does take a very long time and it is beneficial for all our instruments in order to stay functional for many years to come so your patience is appreciated. Horn students may pick up a mellophone on Thursday if they wish to do so.  During this time students may also come to the band hall to to drop off payment in the band hall drop box located by the music library. Please do not drop off any money to the front desk of the school.

It is highly advised that students with a personal instrument have their instrument inspected prior to the beginning of band camp.  Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones have pads that wear off along with alignment issues on a normal basis. Trumpets and Trombones do need water valves replaces, slides straighten and a by-annual “chemical” clean to remove all the build up that has been occurring through the years.  My advice is that you take it to a local shop to get it looked at. We suggest a shop that has a local repair person in their store (Music and Arts in Sugar Land does not have a local repair person) like H&H Music https://goo.gl/maps/s2XAVighMFA2 or Fort Bend Music Center https://goo.gl/maps/PhyKcqWLfDq.  By taking care of you students instruments you will be prolonging the life of your students instruments and you may avoid costly mistakes from lack of regular maintenance.   


Rock-A-Thon is currently scheduled for Friday August 10, 2018.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and we expect all students to participate.  Students who collect $200 in pledges from friends, family, neighbors will partake in an all-night lock-in commencing at 7PM and rock the night away with their friends showing their relentless support for their band.  Our magic number this year is $20,000 in pledges which is easily achievable is all 188 band members do their parts. It is super important that ALL students partake and get started on this early in the Summer. Please go to the http://www.travistigerband.org/booster-club/rock-a-thon/ to download the documents or to make a contribution through our paypal link.


There has been a lot of things working behind the scenes during this Summer.  This coming fall we will be welcoming two new staff members. Mr. Falcon is moving on to another position closer to his home which will allow him to avoid the daily struggle of a long commute.  Mr. Casey will be leaving to pursue other endeavours outside of the classroom. We wish them both good luck in their futures and we thank them for their contribution to the Travis HS Band program.  We have already made the recommendation for hire to our HR department and we hope to be announcing our new staff sometime soon. With so many things working behind the scenes please be aware that it is impossible to expect a prompt reply from me during the Summer hours when we are off contract which is until August 6, 2018.  Not to get into too many details but I do have in-laws who need our assistance and my own mother who needs her family more now than ever before. Thank you for understanding the importance of my time with my family.

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