2017 "Four te' Piano"

Part 1,2,&4 Winds + Battery


Parts 3 Battery + Front ensemble

Movement 1 coordinates

Movement 1 drill charts

Movement 1 video

Movement 2 coordinates

Movement 2 drill charts

Movement 2 video


Movement 3 coordinates

Movement 3 drill charts

Movement 3 video


Movement 4 coordinates

Movement 4 drill charts

Movement 4 video



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All students enrolled in the band program at THS are members of the marching band, thereby required to participate in the marching band.  Students enrolled in football or volleyball may be exempt from marching band. 
THS Band students are required to have the following items for all outside rehearsals:


  • large water jug (a bottle of water won't cut it)
  • white T-shirt
  • sunscreen 
  • baseball cap or lifeguard style hat
  • athletic shorts
  • tennis shoes (running shoes)
  • sun glasses
Students are also required to use the time between school dismissal and the beginning of rehearsal (2:45 - 3:45) to do homework, go to tutorials, or get help from other band students.

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