Why be a booster?

Why become a Booster Volunteer:

To achieve our mission of supporting our children, school and teachers, we need friends, like you, to pledge your support. Become a Travis Tiger Band Booster Club member, volunteer your time or participate in one of our many programs, there are various ways to support your Travis Tiger Band. You can choose the ways that best fit your family's needs and schedule. Part-time is OK! More than one is encouraged!


To provide resources and support that will allow the Travis High School Band students and directors to achieve their objective to build and maintain a top quality band program that provides life changing experiences for all involved in the program.

We will share more of our students' lives.
We will be respected in the community for our professionalism and will conduct ourselves in such a way as to be a credit to the community and to the School District.

Caring: It's all about the kids.
Teamwork: Working together; inclusive of all volunteers
Can-do Attitude: Unobtrusive background player
Accomplishment: Provide an environment where students can realize their potential.
Sense of Community: Allow band families to share goals and performance experiences with one another and with their student.

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