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How much time does band take?

Marching band is 8 hours a week, with a football game on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. In October, there is a contest every Saturday. During concert season, there are 3 practices a week for wind players and 4 days a week for percussion students.


Can we do sports and band?

            Yes! For THS sports only (percussion & colorguard is different). We have students who participate in football, soccer, basketball, track and baseball. We do not work around any club or independent outside activities. For Percussion students please speak with Mr. Bori personally.


Does my child have to be in marching band?

            Yes, all students enrolled in band participate in marching band. We recommended that students put the band calendar in their family calendar to make sure they have all transportation needs met to experience the most success.  Performances and practices are graded activities so absences will count against their grade.


Can we just do concert band?

            All students enrolled in band must participate in band year-round, which includes marching band. 


I want my student to have a high GPA so he/she can attend Harvard. Band takes up too much time so can we just not do after school practices or rehearsals and still be in band?

            Band does not keep your student from having a high GPA. Our students constantly graduate top of their class and have attended Ivy League schools. All students must attend after school practices and rehearsals. They are an extension of the classroom and are a grade.


What do we have to do to enroll in band?

            You will be receiving your course selection sheet very soon. You must put band as your #1 elective. Woodwinds and brass must elect Concert Band; percussion students must elect Band 1.  Keep in mind that you may do Speech and Health later on in their academic years. Many of our students wait until Junior or Senior year to take those courses. Band also fits within students’ schedules for all academy and endorsement programs.




Course Credits

Students enrolled in high school band for four years will earn the following course credits toward their graduation requirements: 2 semesters of Physical Education=1 credit (1/2 credit during the fall semesters of the freshman and sophomore years); 2 semesters of Fine Arts = 1 credit (1/2 credit during the spring semesters of the freshman, and sophomore years); and 4 semesters of Elective =2 credits (one credit for the junior year and one credit for the senior year). A total of five elective credits are needed to graduate. Here is another piece of information in regards to your PE credit. Marching rehearsals end at the conclusion of football season. In Band, you will have completed your PE credit by November; in PE class, you will not complete your credit until mid-December (the end of the first semester). We do run at all marching band practices.  


Summer Percussion Camps: All percussion students will meet on the following days: May 28-31, 2019 from 7:00AM-5:00PM AND July 22-25 from 7AM-5PM. Mr. Bori, and staff, will be making placement decisions on part assignments during the June camp. During the July camp, everyone will begin learning show music for the upcoming year. Clinicians will also be brought in to work with students during all of these dates. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!


An official band calendar can always be located on Charms. Please plan your activities around band rehearsals and performances.


Rehearsals and Performances during the School Year

(All rehearsals, sectionals, and performances are required.)


Marching Band Rehearsals during the fall: Rehearsals are held after school hours. We work to schedule most weeks to allow students to have one afternoon completely free of band activities. A tentative weekly schedule would be as follows for Friday Games:  Monday 4:00-6:30PM Tuesday 4:00-6:30; Thursday 4:00-6:30 (this usually depends on the amount of students enrolled in labs). The rehearsal schedule will depend on the week’s activities and game day. We will not rehearse over 8 hours of after-school practice due to UIL rules (this does not include game or contest days). This is true for all UIL sanctioned activities. Please schedule doctors and dentist appointments on days you do not have band. These after-school rehearsals end at the conclusion of football season, usually at the end of October; thus, you have completed your PE credit by November vs. mid-December (in PE class the end of the first semester).


Marching Performances: Football games, Fort Bend Band Night, UIL Performance, additional marching festivals (Typically on ALL Saturday’s in October), and pep-rallies.


Concert Season Sectionals/Rehearsals: During concert season, each wind section of the band (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, etc.) in each of our concert groups (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band) will have an after-school sectional for 1-1.5 hours per week. This will begin in November and continue throughout the second semester. Additionally, all winds and percussion have a two-hour after-school full band rehearsal held weekly. Wind Ensemble winds are also members of the Full Orchestra, which requires an additional practice after school from January-February.


Concert Season Percussion: Starting in November all percussion will have 2 two-hour percussion ensemble practices per week, and 1 two-hour full band rehearsal. These rehearsals/practices will continue throughout the second semester.


Concert Performances: Winter / Spring Concerts, Pre-UIL Concert, Fort Bend ISD Concert Contest, UIL Concert/Sight-Reading Contest, Percussion Ensemble Concert, end-of-the-year trip.

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