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Private lessons

Private Lessons are offered at Travis High School and private lesson instructors are independently contracted professionals on their instrument.  Each private lesson teacher is interviewed by the band staff to ensure the quality of teaching and the safety of our students is at the highest level.  All private lessons take place outside of the school day, usually after school, and students are responsible for paying their private lesson teacher directly.  The rates for lesson teachers is $27 per week for teachers with college degrees and $22 per week for current college students.  In addition, all private lesson teachers submit documentation and background checks to the FBISD Fine Arts Office.

If your student is interested in private lessons, please contact Mr. Taylor Smith at

Lauren Kavanaugh, Flute
Cathy Myers, Clarinet
Lauren Keating, Oboe
Will Koehler, Trumpet
Michael Woodward, Horn
Webb Gardener, Trombone/Euph
Cora Gilreath, Tuba


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