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Don't forget that March 1st is the deadline to get registered and start making payments for the 2022-2023 Spring Trip to Walt Disney World! Please use the information listed below to get registered and be able to pay.   FYI: you will be receiving multiple emails over the next few weeks as a constant reminder to get signed up and a reminder of the March 1st deadline! 

Please read through this email thoroughly to make sure you have read all of the information to help get you started.  As mentioned previously, this trip is not required for our students but we know that our students work very hard and we hope that this trip opportunity will provide a chance for our students to travel together and have a great time together.

Quick Reminder: Even if you don’t make the decision right now about attending the trip, you can register at a later date, however you will be responsible for all other missed payments and the final due date of payments will not change (November 12th).

Trip Registration:

To register for the trip and begin payments, you will need to follow the steps below.  All of the information and payments submitted to ETAdventures (our travel company) are secure and private.  Find the steps below to get registered for the trip:

1. Visit our website at:
   Click the green button in the top right hand corner "Log in to myETA"
   Trip Code: williambtravis23 (this is the same trip code for all students)
   Password:  mcotrip23 (this is the same password for all students)
2. Click on the Red Button that says "Make a new reservation"
3. Complete the information and continue to follow the instructions to complete your registration.
4. Once you have completed your reservation, you will come to a page with tabs at the top, click on the "Passengers" tab. (You will be given a reservation # which you will need to have to make future payments)
5. On the Passengers tab, click on the "Waiver Incomplete View/Edit" button.
6. Complete all required information in the Waiver. You can log out and log back in to finish the waiver at a later date using the reservation information emailed to you.

Chaperone/Parent Interest:

For those parents interested in being a chaperone with the Travis Tiger Band, we are unable to make a definitive call at this time regarding chaperones since it will be based on the number of students we have that are registered but if you are interested you can go ahead and follow the instructions listed above to get registered and begin making payments.  Chaperones will pay the same price as the students ($1599) but will only be in rooms of 2. 

Payment Plans & Trip Insurance:

While there are preset payment plans through the ETAdventures travel company, the only required date is the March 1st deadline ($199 downpayment). All other payments must be absolutely paid by November 12th (zero tolerance policy).  All payments are non-refundable (unless additional trip insurance is purchased—see below for more information) and in the event of additional trip insurance being purchased there are certain percentages of money that is refundable based on any cancellation date.

When completing your registration, there is also the option to sign up for additional trip insurance for an additional $139. While the included insurance covers COVID (at this time), the additional trip insurance will allow CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) and other circumstances. You will be able to read additional information regarding the additional trip insurance during the registration process.  You will have 15 days after your initial registration to add-on the additional trip insurance.   Please make sure you read all of the information supplied by ETAdventures regarding additional trip insurance.

*REMINDER* No Pass/No Play does apply to trips therefore students who are not eligible at the time of the trip will not be able to travel with us.

We are extremely excited to get the ball rolling and hopefully by having almost 9 months to complete payments that we will have a huge turnout from all of our students (and parents!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can reach out to ETAdventures to get the answer!

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